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20:25 11-11-2011

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Drága Judykám!

Jó éjszakát és Kellemes hétvégét kívánok!
Szeretettel ölellek,Zsuzsa
04:10 06-11-2011
monica camargo neves
Loved your work!
Adorei seu trabalho!(that´s how I´d say in my native Portuguese,from Brazil!)
Saw your vídeo(a friend sent me,and got the address...)I´m a cat lover too!
Well,greetings from São Paulo,Brazil!";
01:10 06-11-2011
Fátima B. Trindade
22:01 03-11-2011

Website url:
groetjes uit belgié"
21:19 02-11-2011
Drága Judykám!

Kicsit megkésve kívánok, meghitt békés megemlékezést!
Puszillak szeretettel, Zsuzsa

09:30 26-10-2011
Hi,dear Judy,
I love your place soooooooo much! You pps are made fantastic, preciously and very trendy!!!
Visiting your great blog is a unique pleasure!!!
God bless you all the time! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WORKS OF ART JUDY!!!
Many hugs from
Christa,Jonas,Biene,Felix and Moritz
10:13 09-10-2011
Diane Lessard
Dear Judy,
I love your PPS but there seems to be a problem because the file is too big and it can't be sent by e-mail.
For example, the PPS Music = is 14,4Mo. I had to reduce every images (44) to make it 3,49Mo.
This is the second message I send you. I hope you will take care of my request.
Thank you very much.
14:28 20-09-2011
Christa Fiedler
Dear Judy,
I love your tremendous pps "Autumn Symphonie.It`s so beautiful with great music!!!!!!
Have a wonderful September-Hugs from

PS.I love all your pps,you are a great performer dear Judy!!!!!!!
17:41 06-08-2011

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Helllo from Belgium,
19:24 05-07-2011
Profil blogs Louisette

19:21 05-07-2011

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Greeting from Belgium, nice days summer, Louisette 2 golden retriever
15:46 20-06-2011

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Kedves Judy!
Csak megláttam az új készítésed tegnap, de akkor már fáradt voltam. Gondoltam ma jóváteszem. Követlek ám akkor is ha nem írom be.
20:21 07-06-2011
Diane Lessard
Hi Judy,
Very beautiful pps. Congratulations! Some files are too heavy though to be send to friends by e-mail.
Like "summer_joy" = 25,2 mo, "summertime" = 15,2 mo "summer_has_come" = 15,4 mo
Thank you for your concern. Great website!
07:38 08-05-2011
Karin Hadinger
It's very great - one of the best pps I'd ever seen
"Fine Art Fotos of Igor Zenin mit Music Andante of ABBA"

Thank you - I'm happy to found you !
Greetings of Austria an I wish a beautiful "Mother-Day"
11:48 27-04-2011

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Very beautiful blog, dear !
I love cats!!! ))

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